Through a slight change of procedure on certain preclears I have been able to view the underlying motives and mechanisms of psychosis.

Very possibly this is the first time the mechanisms which bring about insanity have been fully viewed. I must say that it requires a bit of confronting.

The alleviation of the condition of insanity has also been accomplished now and the footnote in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health concerning future research into this field can be considered fulfilled.

About 15 percent to 20 percent of the human race apparently is insane or certainly a much higher percent than was estimated.

The truly insane do not necessarily act insane visibly. They are not the psychiatric obvious cases who go rigid for years or scream for days. This is observed only in the last stages or during temporary stress.

Under apparent social behavior the continual crimes knowingly committed by the insane are much more vicious than ever has been catalogued in psychiatric texts.

The actions of the insane are not “unconscious”. They are completely aware of what they are doing.

All insane actions are entirely justified and seem wholly rational to them. As they have no reality on the harmful and irrational nature of their conduct it does not often register on an E-Meter.

The product of their post duties is destructive but is excused as ignorance or errors.
As cases in normal processing they roller coaster continually.

They nearly always have a fixed emotional tone. It does not vary in nearly all insane people. In a very few it is cyclic, high then low.

All characteristics classified as those of the “suppressive person” are in fact those of an insane person.
The easiest ways for a Case Supervisor to detect the insane are:

1. Pretending to do a post or duties, the real consistent result is destructive to the group in terms of breakage, lost items, injured business, etc.

2. The case is no case gain or roller coaster and is covered under “PTS symptoms” “A POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE is defined as a person who while active in Scientology or a preclear yet remains connected to a person or a group that is a suppressive person or group. A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON or GROUP is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology by suppressive acts.  SUPPRESSIVE ACTS are acts calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist. - L. Ron Hubbard Introduction to Scientology Ethics]

3. They are usually chronically physically ill.

4. They have a deep but carefully masked hatred of anyone who seeks to help them.

5. The result of their “help” is actually injurious.
6. They often seek transfers or wish to leave.

7. They are involved in warfare with conflicts around them which are invisible to others. One wonders how they can be so involved or get so involved in so much hostility.

The German psychiatric 1500 or so “different types of insanity” are just different symptoms of the same cause. There is only one insanity and from it springs different manifestations. Psychiatry erred in calling these different types and trying to invent different treatments.

Insanity can now be precisely defined.

The definition is:

Possibly the only frightening thing about it is the cleverness with which it can be hidden.
Whereas a sane person can become angry or upset and a bit destructive for short periods, he or she recovers. The insane mask it, are misemotional continuously and do not recover. (Except by modern processing.)

Man is basically good. This is obvious. For when he begins to do evil he seeks to destroy his memory in order to change and seeks to destroy his body. He seeks to check his evil impulses by inhibiting his own skill and strength.

He can act in a very evil fashion but his basic nature then makes it mandatory that he lessens himself in many ways.
The towering “strength” of a madman is a rarity and is compensated by efforts at self-destruction.

Man’s mortality, his “one life” fixation, all stem from his efforts to check himself, obliterate his memory in a fruitless effort to change his conduct and his self-destructive habits and impulses and losses of skills and abilities.

As this rationale proves out completely in processing and fits all cases observed, we have for the first time proof of his actual nature.

My Quote Below

The truth of the matter is that the above is complete nonsense and has no scientific basis whatsoever.

In today’s medical science, Insanity or psychosis is all part of a much larger range of mental diseases. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Motor Neuron, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression and more are all part of what is called mental disease. These diseases have similar causes such as wrong diet, toxins in the environment, chemicals in the food you eat, smoking and over consumption of alcohol and more. Autism is caused by chemicals and mercury in the vaccinations they receive.


                           THE TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGH OF 1973!                                  
                                           THE INTROSPECTION RD

I have made a technical breakthrough which possibly ranks with the major discoveries of the twentieth century. It is certainly the greatest advancement of 1973 and is now being released after a final wrap-up of research. It is called the Introspection Rundown.

The purpose of the Introspection RD is to locate and correct those things which cause a person to fixate his attention inwardly, on himself or his bank. This RD extroverts the person so that he can see his environment and therefore handle and control it.

In 1970 the actual cause of PSYCHOSIS was isolated (as given in HCOB 28 Nov. 70, C/S Series 22, PSYCHOSIS). In the ensuing years this has been proven beyond doubt to be totally correct.
But what is a psychotic break?

Man has never been able to solve the psychotic break. In fact, human beings are actually afraid of a person in a psychotic break and in desperation turn to psychiatry to handle.

Psychiatry, desperate in its turn, without effective tech, resorts to barbarities such as heavy drugs, ice picks, electric and insulin shock which half-kill the person and only suppress him. The fact remains there has never been a cure for the psychotic break until now.


The breakthrough was made on a person who, after a series of wrong indications, went into a full-blown psychotic break-violence, destruction and all.

The psychiatrist at this point would have sharpened up his ice pick, filled his syringes with the most powerful (and deadly) drugs he could find and turned up the volts. His "handling" would have been a final destruction of the individual.

What was done was an auditor went into the room, sat the person down and corrected the last severe point of wrong indication. Subsequent times of wrong indication in his life were cleared up, the person came out of the psychotic break and into present time.


When Hubbard wrote the above Policy Letter he himself was experiencing mental illness. He was smoking like a trooper, did no exercise, was inhaling all the toxic fumes from the ship’s exhaust and other ships in the harbour. I know this because I was there at the time and had to attend to his cabin and living quarters. He himself was manifesting signs of psychosis and had to leave the ship to go to America to receive medical attention.

The psychotic break, the last of the "unsolvable" conditions that can trap a person, has been solved.
And it's quite simple, really.

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Lisa McPherson at this time was experiencing mental problems and was physically ill. She needed medical attention not the Introspection Rundown. From the state she was in she was desperately in need of medical attention which would have saved her.
Hubbard’s own policy was that you do not counsel ill people when they need medical attention; you send them to a doctor. But David Miscavige, now the head of the church decided to give her the introspection rundown
David Miscavige. Take responsibility for your actions: You Murdered Lisa, there is no doubt. You should be in jail.
So there you have it, the real cause of Lisa’s death. Hubbard was messing around with something he knew nothing about, the Human Brain. There was not much information at that time about the brain but we know a lot more today, but that does not excuse Miscavige for his vile actions against a young girl who could not defend herself against a bunch of criminals who acted on the instructions of Misvage.
L Ron Hubbard wrote two, what he named Policy Letters, entitled “PSYCHOSIS” AND “THE INTROSPECTION RUNDOWN”.