L Ron Hubbard was the creator of the Church of Scientology. He was ingenious in his attempt to con millions of people out of their money. It started off with various drills enabling people to better confront others and various communication skills. He created what he called The Bridge to Total Freedom with various levels of counselling and training. Hubbard was also a brilliant science fiction writer. The total cost for doing  the bridge to total freedom is around $385,000.00. He created a device called an e-meter which costs about $50.00 to make which now sells for more than $5000.00. Once you have completed the bridge, which nobody has done as yet, you become a “Free Being” able to pull the atmosphere off planets and other super skills.

I spent 22 years working with Hubbard and underwent the most vicious human rights abuses published elsewhere. They are also involved with murder when they killed Lisa McPherson and Tabatha Fauteux whos parents are probably still morning to this day. I received little to no pay over that period and mostly no or too little food, often only fried bread while Hubbard was banking millions in offshore bank accounts. It cost me more than 3 million dollars in lost remuneration from my profession. In the beginning I trusted him but lost that trust years ago.

By the time you completed the lower levels and read his papers you just wanted more and you may think of him as God which many people did. He then created the higher levels of auditing which were totally secret for which you had to pay thousands of dollars for and the cost of the total bridge cost around $380,000.00. For example following is the auditing procedure entitled The Wall of Fire and is named Operating Thetan 3 or OT3 for short. An operating thetan is a free spirit which does not need a body and has tremendous powers. This procedure is totally confidential and embraces a war around seventy five million years ago which I have published elsewhere. He died a broken old man at the age of 74 in 1986 and was succeeded by David Miscavige who stated that Hubbard decided to leave the body and carry on with his research as a free spirit in heave or wherever. It’s all quite insane. The people who work with Miscavige are completely indoctrinated and believe in this rubbish.

Hubbard’s lifestyle on the ship was bound to make him ill with mental and or physical disease. He smoked like a trooper and never did any exercise that I was aware of and for years spent most of his time writing as he was a prolific writer. The environment of the ship was not a healthy place as there are quite a variety of ships in any harbour spuming out toxic fumes and smoke and the ship was infected with cockroaches.
Hubbard was often quite grumpy at times and could burst out shouting on many occasions. He stated that he could make Captain Bligh look like a Sunday School Teacher. When he left the ship to go to America he was ill and needed medical attention. I attended to his sleeping and working environment for toxins and fibres in his sleeping quarters that he may have been allergic to. I also had to ensure the air conditioning was not leaking toxic fumes into his quarters.

When we were in Corfu he started throwing public students overboard for making mistakes on course. It was the equivalent of Captain Bligh’s making people walk the plank or keel hauling. The students were terrified of being thrown overboard as it was around 30 feet high. This was extremely dangerous and insane. No person in his right mind would do this. I watched these students being thrown overboard every morning for months until the Greek Government kicked us out of Greece.

Today the “church” is making billions of dollars brain washing people and they own many buildings with the money acquired with their fake healing and “spiritual practises”. Of course this was all about spirituality but there are scientists today who are researching spirituality and consciousness and as far as I am concerned Hubbard and his successor have no clue about spirituality and the entire practice is one big fraudulent scam.

They are taking advantage of persons who suffer from various conditions such as shyness, lack of confidence and even mental illness. An example of the death, which I call Murder, of Lisa McPherson who was mentally ill and they tried to heal her with their version of counseling which resulted in her death, an absolute tragedy. I am a health coach and I accuse them of murder. They are not permitted to practice healing that is the job of the medics.

Travers E Harris