Becoming a Functional Health
How would you like to be part of the future of Medicine and disease control around the world?

Our world is experiencing an epidemic, or should I say pandemic, of chronic disease. These are non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and much more.

You do not have to know anything about disease or illness to become an affiliate as full training is provided and it's totally free. The beauty of being an affiliate will teach you a lot of what's going on in the medical world.

For those interested in medicine especially Functional Medicine, where we address the causes of disease rather than the symptoms, you will receive an income of 50% of the sales you make and pay for your tuition of becoming a health coach or a doctor through the Institute of Functional Medicine and the University of Functional Medicine. For those not interested in further education you may just be an affiliate.

This is not multilevel marketing but  you may recruit others and it only goes 1 level deep. You will not receive commission on your down line's recruits. In a world where jobs are becoming more scarce by the day this is an ideal way to start your own business.

To sign up as an affiliate please click the following link and remember it is totally free. Intuition is also provided:

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