Human Rights Abuses & Violations Against myself
and Family from 1964 to 1986 and beyond



1.Denial of sleep up to 72 hours.

2.No or too little pay for 22 years but mostly no pay.

3.Being thrown overboard from our ship in freezing waters in Denmark as punishment.

4.Endangering the lives of myself and crew when the Captain, Mitch Spence, set sail from Copenhagen to Germany in a vicious storm when the ship was not in a sea worthy condition. It was my competence that rescued the ship from sinking when the fuel pumps broke down and leaving the ship to drift in a force 9 going on force 10 storm in the Baltic Sea. I was never acknowledged by the Captain for this action. I was previously the chief engineer of this ship but was absent on an assignment to assist another sister organisation for a period of 3 months and was not aware of the condition of the engine under another incompetent and untrained engineer. I was the deputy captain at the time.

5.Forcing my wife to work from 9am until 3am next morning consistently on a daily basis in the United States leaving her tired and in a state of sleep deprivation resulting in her going into a state of depression and anxiety especially with our children not attending school in the USA except one.

6.Little or no pay and feeding the crew and myself on fried bread for most of the time while stationed in Denmark for over a year while Hubbard was banking millions of US dollars in offshore bank accounts.

7.While working in Cape Town for 2 years I received virtually no pay during that time period. I signed a contract for 2 ½ years so could not leave. My family helped me get through that period by giving me free lodging and financial support.

8.Forcing me to paint our ship in Alicante Spain for 36 hours without rest or sleep as punishment after just arriving on the ship. Hubbard’s penalties applied.

9.Forcing me to work for 72 hours non-stop in Bizerte Tunisia when the ship’s engines broke down. I had just joined the movement and had little knowledge of steam engines and was made responsible for the breakdown. What happened was that the piston rings broke due to a ridge in the piston sleeve which was formed over a period of time. In addition we weren’t allowed to eat with the crew but had to eat in the engine room. We were not allowed to wash either. These were Hubbard’s Penalties

10.While working in Johannesburg, at the Scientology Headquarters in South Africa, I landed up in the Hillbrow Hospital with severe ulceration of my stomach due to consistent mental abuse by the person in charge by the name of Norman Starkey. The doctors there recommended that I have surgery which I declined. Starkey was eventually removed as the senior executive and ordered to return to the headquarters on Hubbard’s Flag ship in Portugal.

11.Being attacked and physically abused by a senior at the office of the Scientology Headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

12.In June of 1986, in Clearwater USA, my wife became hysterical due to the long hours she was forced to work and also the neglect of our children, only our daughter was attending school and the 2 boys were not, so I decided enough was enough and decided  to resign from the movement and return to South Africa. As we had no money my wife phoned her father and asked him to purchase tickets for our family to return home. He did that and one morning we quietly escaped from the movement and returned home.

13.My father in law was quite upset for having to pay our airfare back home and so I went to see a lawyer and demanded they repay me for the airfare to give to my father in law which they did. They then had the audacity to label me as a suppressive person (Hubbard’s Penalties) and ex-communicated from the church. (Also part of Hubbard’s Penalties) I was no longer permitted to associate with any person in good standing with the “church” and the publication was also published on the internet for the world to see.

14.Continuous slave labour 12 hours per day 7 days per week without a break.

15.The Fair Game Policy as written by Hubbard is a violation of Human Rights according to the United Nations.

16. While this happened a while ago the memories still haunt me of our family’s escape from this organisation. In addition my attempts to make up for my loss of funds over the 22 years that I mostly did not get paid became difficult. In 1991 I managed to get a job with Independent Newspapers but my profession became redundant in 2003 when computerisation took over and I together with many others were retrenched. I just did not have sufficient time to build a viable pension.
Also L Ron Hubbard did not provide nor did he believe in retirement pensions or for the future of his staff. His belief was that one should work until you die. Hubbard was banking millions of dollars with offshore banks.

17.My wife now 66 years old continues to work to provide food and shelter and cannot stop working due to our need for income. My daughter and son also assist us financially by paying for our medical aide and insurance. We recently moved in with my daughter as we could no longer pay our rent in Bramley Park where we lived for the past 4 years as it was closer to my wife’s work.

18.Many ex Scientologists are at war with the “church” with a huge amount of posts on Facebook.

19. I would like to sue the organisation for $US5 million (Five Million United States Dollars) for the abuse and loss of income over the 22 year period. As mentioned I worked for the “church” over the mentioned period in Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, and South African Headquarters in Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Sweden, and the International headquarters in Clearwater Florida and in Alicante Spain etc.

I am now 76 years of age and my wife is 66. She is still working and my daughter and son assists me financially.


When I was introduced to Scientology in 1964 it was called The Hubbard Association of Scientologists. I attended an introductory lecture and later did some of the basic courses. I was very impressed and later signed up for The Hubbard Professional Auditors Course all at my own expense. (Please Note: Auditing and the Auditors Course is about Counselling and assisting people with their problems)  At the time I thought there was nothing like it in the Western World. It was about the philosophy of spirituality, of love and of friendship. I was so impressed with the information that when I was asked to join staff by the head of the organisation, Alison Parkhouse at that time, I joined without any hesitation and signed a contract for 2 ½ years. Much to the disgust of family and friends I gave up my profession and worked for a few cents a week. The course room was packed with students learning about Hubbard’s philosophy and really having a ball.

From around 1964 Hubbard introduced his ethics policies, and that was the beginning of the demise of Scientology although I did not realize it at the time.

There were many policies he wrote about ethics and the ethics conditions and the formulas on how to get you out of these conditions. You may read about Hubbard’s ethics at this link:

Also see the Fair Game policy at:

Maybe there is some truth in what he wrote but my experience with it was nothing short of abuse especially when put into the hands of uncaring people. I visited Scientology Organisations in many parts of the world and I found none who liked these policies especially their formulas and penalties. Organisations I visited were Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm in Sweden, and Copenhagen in Denmark. Then there were Lubeck in Germany, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria in South Africa and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. My own experience was that it was degrading. Often when a senior executive was angry with an individual or a junior staff member he or she would put you in a lowered condition to suit their own egos.

Hubbard became quite fanatical about his philosophy at the time and ordered the executives of organisations around the world to lengthen the evening training classes from 3 to 5 evenings per week and weekend courses to run the entire weekend. He wrote a short article called “5 YEARS” IN WHICH HE STATED THE WORLD ONLY HAD 5 YEARS LEFT BEFORE NUCLEAR WAR WAS DECLARED BY THE SOVIET UNION AND THE UNITED STATES AND THAT SCIENTOLOGY WAS THE ONLY HELP FOR THE WORLD. Students were forced to attend courses 5 evenings per week which upset them as they say they had no family time left. There were some quite distinguished people, people in good positions in the work place, who could not always attend course or their counselling sessions.

And then an “ethics officer” was appointed to staff according to the new policies Hubbard had written and all hell broke loose. He started applying the ethics procedures to staff and public. Staff members were declared suppressive and kicked out and those who could not attend class 5 nights per week or attend their counselling sessions were declared suppressive. My best friend at the time who I had brought into Scientology recently got married and was on honeymoon, he was declared because he was unable to attend class and I had to disconnect from him.

The results were that the course room started emptying out and the once friendly public became hostile. This affected the income of the organisation and my pay dropped to a few cents per week. I became the only technical person in the organisation able to deliver services to the public which made it very stressful for me. The organisation could no longer afford the lovely premises they were in and they had to find alternate cheaper premises. My family was very upset with me as they had to support me. This all happened at the Cape Town Organization around 1965 - 66. Even the press started getting hostile with bad articles. I became extremely unhappy with this ethics rubbish. When my contract expired in 1966 I left Cape Town organisation and found a job in my profession in the printing industry to earn some money.

I was still very interested in the philosophy of Scientology and when I was invited to join the newly formed Sea Organisation I joined it in 1968 at the Advanced Organisation in Alicante Spain. I thought that this ethics nonsense would be discontinued or not abused as much as it was in Cape Town because I thought I was going to a higher level organisation, BUT OH MY GOODNESS WAS I WRONG. The first 3 months of my new career in the sea organization at the advanced organization in Alicante, Spain was absolutely brilliant. Lots of friendly students from around the world, and the staff were amazing and friendly. The commanding officer, a South African was quite level headed and social and did not mess around with this ethics stuff.

This was however short lived as instructions from Hubbard were to close that organization down and open a new advanced organization in Edinburgh, Scotland as we were informed the authorities in Spain were about to raid us, I never knew the reason. I was assigned the task of getting all the students, of which there were around a hundred, transferred to Edinburgh which I arranged flights for and then hired a car and drove all the course materials to Edinburgh with the help of a colleague.

On my return from Edinburgh I was assigned as a crew member on the Station Ship Avon River (later renamed the Athena) a small steam boat weighing around 500 tons. I arrived on the boat fairly late, around 11.30 PM that evening and after filling in all the papers required of a crew member on a ship I got to bed at around 3 AM. Later that morning at around 5:15 AM I was awakened by a 15 year old kid named Peter Gilham who informed me that I was scheduled to take the next quarter master watch. I had no idea what this was about but he gave me a briefing of what was required and showed me around the ship. I was still very groggy as I was still exhausted from the previous day and as I did not have enough sleep. What I did not know at the time was that the officer of the watch needs to undergo training for at least a week to qualify to become the officer of the watch.

I was quite astounded when being shown around the decks as there were young girls, must have been around 16 or 17, chipping the rust off the decks and themselves more than half asleep and battling to stay awake. They were all assigned ethics conditions for one or another reason. It occurred to me that this ethics “stuff” had not gone away, I was absolutely disgusted. These children were performing penalty labour for goofing and forced to do hard labour through the night and denied sleep. This is a very dangerous activity of sleep denial as it could have consequences in later life. This was the start of the insanity once again

I was then given a broken pair of old overalls to put on and at 6:00 AM started my Quarter Master watch. This was insane as a quarter master has important duties to watch over the safety of the ship and I was totally untrained. At 9:00 AM that morning a beautiful girl named Nicki Freidman, an American, came up to me and assigned me a condition of NON-EXISTENCE FOR WEARING AN OLD PAIR OF OVERALLS ON WATCH, which was supplied to me by the 15 year old kid and I did not know any better, and ordered me to report to the Master at Arms (Ethics Officer on dry land). I mean I was brand new and had no idea of ship’s procedures and I thought this was total insanity and wondered what the hell have I put myself into. But worse was to come.

So I reported to the master at arms and he assigned me a condition of Non-Existence and ordered me to paint the bridge of the ship over the next 24 hours without sleep as my penalty. The 15 year old kid that awakened me that morning was also assigned the lower condition, I don’t why, but also assigned to do manual labour. I was already drained and dead tired but continued and completed my sentence and only then at 9am the next morning allowed to sleep. Absolute total insanity!! The captain of this ship was a South African young lady by the name of Hanna Eltringham whom I thought was insane for allowing this but later found out that she herself was under extreme pressure from Hubbard the Commodore. Years later she tried to sue the church.

The next day I was assigned to the engine room as a greaser, which had the task of oiling and greasing the machinery. I had no experience of steam ships but started learning fast as I had experience with car engines. It was a few days as we prepared the ship to sail and we received orders to sail to an unknown destination. We set sail and told our destination was Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa and then were told our next port of call after Melilla would be Bizerte in Tunisia North Africa.

During this trip we had tremendous problems with the engine and the rings of the 1st high pressure piston disintegrated. We had other problems with heat but we eventually arrived in Bizerte and we were all exhausted. The captain in the meantime assigned the engine room a condition of doubt with its penalties and we had to work to repair the broken piston for the next 72 hours without sleep and were not permitted to leave the engine room. We were not permitted to bathe either. We became filthy dirty and absolutely exhausted. So this was more insanity. Later on when I was the chief engineer I found that you could change the rings in a couple of hours.

The Flag Ship Royal Scotsman, later named the Apollo was due to arrive in Bizerte later with the commodore L Ron Hubbard aboard. Hubbard eventually arrived on his much larger ship with his crew and when he heard about our experience in the engine room, he recalled our chief engineer to his ship to face a committee of evidence with a charge of “CRIMINAL NEGLECT TO THE ENGINES OF THE FLOTILLA”. I was then assigned the post of Chief Engineer by the captain. I mean this was insane as I was completely untrained to be in charge of a ship’s engines. The next day the Commodore sent a messenger over to me to ask me “when will I have the engine ready as he needed us to sail urgently”. I was still totally ignorant of the workings of the engine as it was partially dismantled so I informed the messenger to tell Hubbard that “we could probably sail in a couple of days if he sent me someone who knew what was going on”. So he returned the chief back to us and we fixed the engines and set sail for Corfu Greece. The problem was there was a ridge in the piston shaft, formed over several years, and the piston rings kept bashing against this ridge and the rings disintegrated over a period of time. Anyway after the 72 hours of no sleep and filthy dirty we manage to get things right and were ready to sail.

This was my introduction to the “Sea Organisation” denial of sleep up to 72 hours, not permitted to bathe. Were only permitted to eat in the dirty filthy engine room where toxic chemicals were abundant. But I was getting use to all the crap and shouting and screaming and low ethics conditions and penalties.

HCOPL: The Antisocial Personality-The Anti-Scientologist
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
This Policy can be viewed at the following link:
More on Scientology Ethics on Wikipedia:
More on Scientology Ethics:
Who reaches for world domination and nothing else.» - "How Scientology Ethics Was Applied", Martin Ottmann's affidavit of 19 April 1996.


The Insanity Continues
Hubbard later released a new course called the class 8 course. Students started arriving from all over the world to do this new course. But they had no idea what they were letting themselves in for, the penalty for making a mistake was that you would be thrown overboard. The Apollo was a 3,500 ton ferry with a flat bottom and a rubbing stake all around the bottom of the ship and maybe as high as 30 feet, or more, from where terrified students would be thrown if they made a mistake.

From our vantage point on our smaller ship we watched students being thrown overboard from a dizzy and dangerous height for mistakes they had made. Some of these students could not swim and a life buoy was put around them making it even more dangerous. If by any chance you hit the rubbing stake you may have been badly injured or even killed. I was never in favour of this practice and thoroughly condemned it. My future “wife” at that time was thrown overboard and she told me she was absolutely terrified. We were married much later but the captain never sent the papers away so the marriage was never registered, so we were never legally married. I only found this out 7 years later.

Pictures of these over boards were even printed in the local press. Around 8 months later we were advised by the Greek Authorities that we were no longer welcome in Greece and were told to leave Corfu, probably in part, due to this vicious and savage practice of throwing people overboard or other reasons: Please read Article Below:

We were assigned a new Captain named Stella King and also received a new chief engineer by the name of John O’Keefe with myself as 1st engineer and we set sail for Italy. We also had on board the personnel who would create the new advanced organisation in Copenhagen and dropped them off at a port in Italy as it would be quicker for them to take a train to Copenhagen. We docked in Naples and dropped off the staff for the new advanced organisation to be created in Copenhagen where they boarded a train for Copenhagen and we sailed the next morning for Copenhagen.

The trip was mostly uneventful except the hydraulic steering gear burst and we had to weld some pipes together. This resulted because Hubbard changed the old rudder and put another bigger rudder on which put more strain on the steering gear. We arrived in Denmark about a week later and docked in Helsingborg and later sailed on to Copenhagen and our mission was to oversee the wellbeing of the new organisations in Denmark and Sweden. The new captain and chief engineer were very nice people, the captain was American and Chief Engineer was Canadian. We did a lot of sailing around, between Malmo in Sweden and Copenhagen including Stockholm. Our chief engineer then left with his wife, as she was pregnant, and I was assigned to that post, but at this time I knew the engines quite well.

Our new captain on a voyage to Malmo in Sweden ran the ship aground on the way back to Copenhagen. In the process she holed two of the fuel tanks which caused severe problems in the engine room as the sea water was gushing into the fuel tanks but I managed to contain the damage. I started to try and get the ship off the rocks using a kedge anchor but to no avail so we called for a tug boat from Copenhagen and they pulled us off the rocks and towed us to Copenhagen Harbour with our ship listing badly. However we had to go into dry dock to have the tanks repaired. This was the 2nd time she ran the ship aground. She was recalled to the flag ship and Wally Burgess was sent to us by Hubbard to help me get the hull and fuel tanks repaired. After Wally and I got the damage repaired she was sent back and Burgess returned to the flag ship.

I was the chief engineer on the station ship Athena which was stationed in Copenhagen Denmark. I was approached by the then captain Stella King (now deceased) who wanted me to go on a mission to the Copenhagen Organisation to take over the command while we sent 2 of their staff members to flag to be trained on the Flag Executive Briefing Course. After arriving on my new assignment I got 2 guys, Peter Jork and his fiancé and sent them off for training. This took about 3 months and when they returned I went back to my ship.

After returning to the ship I found the old captain was replaced by a new captain named Mitch Spence (now deceased) and there was also a new chief engineer. I was appointed as deputy captain. I was informed by the new captain that we would be setting sail for Germany the next morning. I got the ship ready for sailing and the next morning we set sail.

I had a lot of experience on the Athena and knew her very well. The weather was not all that good that morning ranging at about a force 5 on the Beaufort scale however the Athena was built for that weather and there was nothing to worry about. After about an hour or so out in the Baltic Sea the weather started deteriorating and it was now a force 7 bordering on a force 8. I was still not concerned but I started hearing a knocking sound coming from the engine room. She was a steam ship with a triple expansion engine with 3 large fires which heated the boiler and produced steam which got pressurized to 212 pounds per square inch which in turn drove the 3 pistons to turn the propeller. The ship was around 500 tons and she used bunker fuel to burn and boils the 20 tons of water in the boiler producing the pressure.

I went down to the engine room and located the knocking sound and found it was the fuel pump which pumped the fuel into the 3 fires to keep the boiler making steam which ran the engine under high pressure, it was behaving very erratically. I was not concerned as there was a 2nd backup pump so I changed over to that pump. But the 2nd pump also started playing up which really concerned me. I wondered why this was happening and thought the new chief did not oil the piston shaft regularly which could have rusted due to the steam in the engine room. By this time the weather was at a force 9 and virtually a storm and I became seriously concerned as if the pumps packed up the ship and all its crew would be in grave danger. The noise that the pumps were making was indicative of broken piston rings within the pump. Rust on the shaft would put strain on the pistons causing them to break.

I immediately informed the captain that we must change course and return to Copenhagen or risk sinking the ship in this vicious storm with all crew. The captain immediately changed course and we set sail for Copenhagen. I returned to the engine room and nursed the pumps oiling the shaft regularly but that pump eventually packed up so I changed back to the first pump and managed to get it going and nursed it until we arrived back at port. After docking that pump also packed up. To this day I wondered how I managed to keep the broken pumps working because they should have stopped working. I thought the only answer could be that God was with me.  If I was not on board and had the experience I that I had that ship could have gotten into serious trouble and quite possibly have lost her and all the crew.

The Hijacking of the Commodore Queen
After we got the pumps repaired we sailed to Germany and visited the organisation there and then sailed to Stockholm in Sweden to visit the organisation there.

After a few days Mitch our new captain received a message from Captain Bill that I must immediately catch a flight to France and meet him in Cherbourg. Captain Bill was the senior office of all the organisations in Europe including all the ships. Well I quickly packed a suitcase and took a taxi to Stockholm airport and boarded a flight to Paris and later a train to Cherbourg. I arrived late that evening and Captain Bill was waiting to meet me and we then took a taxi to the military harbour in Cherbourg where the British station ship “Commodore Queen” was berthed in dry dock. Apparently the ship was in trouble with port authorities in England

I was immediately appointed captain of the ship and ordered to take responsibility for her refit by the harbour workforce. Bill then left and returned to Copenhagen to carry out his responsibilities but returned every now and then to see how things were going. Then one day a mission arrived from flag consisting of Wally Burgess and Art Web. Wally was one of my ex captains from the Athena and I knew him well, a very nice guy and we got on very well. His first words to me were, “Travers!! What the hell has he done” (referring to Captain Bill). I asked why and they informed me that Captain Bill had gone over to England and hijacked the boat from the coast guard sailed it across the channel to Cherbourg and there was hell to play on flag.

Now the reason the ship was in dry dock was because while captain Bill left the harbour in England, the ship started taking on water and started sinking as there were holes in the hull, so he radioed the port authorities in Cherbourg to prepare the dry dock. I was relieved of my command by Wally who took over the captaincy and we then re-floated the ship.

I then returned to Stockholm and Wally and Art were instructed to sail the ship back to England where the authorities confiscated the ship. Captain Bill
was ordered back to flag where he was to face a committee of evidenced by orders of the staff captain. In his write up Captain Bill said he had to take the ship out of England as it was his responsibility as Continental Captain EU after hearing that the authorities were going to confiscate the ship.

­­­­­After I returned to Stockholm we sailed back to Copenhagen and I was transferred to the Flag Ship which was docked in Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Africa. I received a very nice welcome from Hubbard and later met up again with my fiancé, who had left the Athena earlier and we were married on the Flag ship by the Captain. I was then put on the flag internship to further my training as a counsellor and in the process counselled many of the staff and crew clearing up their upsets etc. My then wife had 2 children back in South Africa who needed attention and we obtained a leave of absence for a year and came back to South Africa.

After a year we went back to Portugal and joined up with flag once again.
Hubbard was not aboard the flag ship at the time and I was assigned the post of ships programs chief. This post put be in charge of all the ships in the sea organisation including the flag ship of which there were 5 but this was only the running of the ships. There was another organisation on the flag ship which was responsible for scientology around the world. Hubbard left the flag ship as he was ill with lung problems and my first assignment was to check all the air-conditioning units in his living quarters and where he did his writing and have them repaired where necessary. He also suffered from various allergies from certain textiles and I had to check that none of these textiles were in his living and sleeping quarters. He also smoked like a trouper which added to his illness.

As I was in charge of all the ships an order was received from Hubbard to have me comm-eved for endangering Scientology in the Western United States. What happened was that there were many of the staffers children at the advanced organisation in Los Angeles where public came to study and receive counselling and the executives of this organisation wanted to send the children to one of the ships during the day to be cared for after schooling. The result was that the ship’s captain and the executives of the Los Angeles organisation started fighting and Hubbard held me responsible. I knew about this situation and ordered all involved to handle it but Hubbard decided to blame me. He ordered a committee of evidence to be held on me and face a charge of sabotaging scientology in the Western United States. I was of course found guilty by the committee because if I was found not guilty Hubbard would have fired the committee and have another convened. I was then put in a lower condition once again but this time I was too angry to do any of the conditions and penalties.

I had 5 ships that I was managing. The ship in Denmark was having problems with the press and those in charge of running the organisation in that country. In the USA the 2 ships, the Simon Bolivar and the Excalibur were in trouble with the United States Coast Guard and the Commodore Queen in England was again attached by British Port Authorities. By this time I was extremely angry.

We were then informed that we must return to South Africa and take over the running of the Senior Organisation for South Africa and manage the lower organisations there. We returned to South Africa shortly after and took over the running of the local sea org mission in South Africa responsible for the running of all the Scientology org’s on the continent. However I was still very angry and took a leave of absence and found a job and started making some money for a change.

In all my time in scientology and the sea organisation pay was virtually non-existent except when on the flag ship who received money from all the organisations around the world. My wife at that time and I split and it was only then that I discovered we were never married. I worked for a while and started earning money for a change but I was begged to come back and if I did not they would have declared me suppressive. Once again I gave up my job and return.